under -performing?

Don’t “barely make it”. That would be cheating yourself. Crucial work is best!


I love belonging to a team of teachers across this state. Pennsylvania teachers belong to an even bigger group reaching across the whole United States. The group gets larger when we add the continents. Some say that the whole world of teachers who live on our planet equals 85 million. Teachers DO things. They take…… Continue reading educators


I looked back, and there were red and blue lights flashing. I pulled over at the closest safe place to stop. Out popped 2 policemen who “judiciously” approached my car door. “Ma’am, we clocked you at 40 in the 25 zone back there.” Me (I was rushing to a doctor’s appointment after school). Mr. Policeman…… Continue reading IMPACT

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Teaching is not taking It’s giving a chance to make their own. If you show how to make an “E” don’t show Your “E”. Just show e E ee EE EEEEE the plainest way you know. Teaching is not for you to make kids just like you. They will believe what they believe, even if…… Continue reading areyouhealthy


right now… I am tired. I have no shoes or socks on, and am still in my work clothes. I had waffles for dinner a moment ago, because I only had the energy (or inclination?)for one finger to push down the toaster lever. My feet feel the cold, hardwood floor and it’s only mildly uncomfortable.…… Continue reading 8:45pm


Sometimes I’m jealous of my husband. I wish I could sit quietly at my desk at work, like he does. He works REALLY hard, ..but he gets to sit there quietly, and concentrate on his pressing matters. His work actually looks like hieroglyphics to me, and it’s dreadfully incomprehensible, but still, he gets to be…… Continue reading obscure


Life is breathtaking at this pace.


Kim’s husband has Melanoma, stage 4. Vivian’s husband died last night, suddenly, of a heart attack. This week I have felt sad, and afraid. When friends and loved ones share news like this, it is alarming, chilling and heartbreaking. ‘This can happen’, I think. It happens to us all. When crisis occurs, we look to…… Continue reading foundations


I bustle and dash around; cutting and making materials, recording voice parts. Always looking for the BEST music examples to demonstrate triplets. Afterwards, driving to two stores, I finally find the present for my niece’s 5th birthday, Once home, I wrap and mail a care package and a get-well card. Reading and answering all of…… Continue reading prepared