I love belonging to a team of teachers across this state. Pennsylvania teachers belong to an even bigger group reaching across the whole United States. The group gets larger when we add the continents. Some say that the whole world of teachers who live on our planet equals 85 million.

Teachers DO things. They take action, they participate. If a teacher were to see a child walking alone in the street, they would jump to the rescue. Teachers find passions and include others in them. They see a problem and help to find a solution. Teachers care about others and their well-being. They teach kids that they are fond of, the same way they teach kids they do not care for.

I remember going to a high school show years ago where a child walked onto the stage. The young girl proceeded to fall down on to the stage floor, and then she began to have a grand mal seizure. A random teacher, sitting near the front, immediately got up onto the stage, put chairs around the child to block anyone’s view of her, and called for help. The story ended happily in the end, but I am left with the incredible action the teacher took . Teachers DO stuff!

I feel privileged to be in a group called “teachers.” I like doing things that make a difference to others. Teachers talk to each other with their own cool lingo, too. With 85 million of us running around this world, iI am hopeful about goodness spreading, ….about people taking action and inspiring/leading others to do the same.


  1. That’s such a happy way to think about us. Heroes in disguise around the globe. The “child by themselves on the street” instinct always makes me watching “where is her adult, is she by herself”- it’s an instinct that means we care ❤ thanks for being such a caring member of the group 🙂 I follow your example every day.


  2. Wow–85 million. That’s a powerful number juxtaposed to your observation that teachers are action-oriented. I love how you ground your thoughts about teachers with the story in the middle.


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