Finding the Joy

There’s hope friends. I found it today. I was teaching writing this morning first thing. I was blessed with this schedule. Get writing out of the way right away and then I can breathe. You all know my secret from last year that I really don’t like writing. It probably impacts my teaching of writing.…… Continue reading Finding the Joy

Oh wait, just kidding

Learning that humans, Can make mistakes and learn, To do better now. First field trip ever! Anticipation building, First time on the bus. Ice in the forecast. Safety is priority. Tears, disappointment. Extra recess, snacks, Coloring during singing, A silver lining.

Being 6 is great.

Being 6 is great Slumber parties are starting. Friendships are forming. Notes and pictures are being shared daily. Being 6 is great. Letters have sounds, which make words when you put them together, and now we have stories! Being 6 is great. Responsibilities are starting. Feeling proud about working hard. Getting different opportunities than before.…… Continue reading Being 6 is great.

Hard questions

I asked a lot of questions today. Hard ones. Ones without an answer (for now). Some that might remain unanswered. But they needed to be asked. Not because I like being a squeaky wheel, But because it’s the right thing to do. I will forever vow to ask the right questions in order to advocate…… Continue reading Hard questions

Not yet

Why is it so hard to say all of the things you want to say, but you just don’t know how? Or when? Or if at all? For now they will just stay in draft form. Waiting patiently for that check of approval.

Just another Tuesday…

Tuesdays used to be a really great day. I would often find myself sitting on the futon in my college apartment with my roommates watching Law and Order: SVU. Man- I loved that show and it would literally play all day long. We would spend hours sometimes playing detective alongside Benson and Stabler. Then I…… Continue reading Just another Tuesday…


I wasn’t allowed to attend sleepovers when I was a kid. I most certainly wasn’t allowed to host any. Why? Something about “not wanting to deal with grumpy kids the next day”. A sorry excuse (ever hear of a nap? Oh wait- that was also a rule- no napping or sleeping all day). Of course…… Continue reading Sleepovers


Sometimes you just need a little bit of school-appropriate trash talk about March madness amongst colleagues…and a York peppermint patty of course to get you to the end of the day. It got me though this Friday, the end of a week full of full moon behavior. It will be forever known as “going mask…… Continue reading Wow

Just a little dust

We have a bit of a dust problem in my house. In fact, we have had this same problem before in the previous house. A project gets started, conversation happens about precautions, and then the dust settles. Literally. It settles on the carpets- but you cannot see it much, so it must not be there.…… Continue reading Just a little dust