Always Here.

Here we are. Back again. We’ve been here before, my body knows the routine. I hear the sound and I pop out of bed. That exhaustion I felt earlier when I literally could do no work and had to sleep at 9 pm? Gone. I race up the stairs. I had literally said, “I only…… Continue reading Always Here.


I held a meeting today, but no one attended. I sat there alone and pondered what I could do to get back attendance. Scheduling conflicts were the biggest issue. An IEP for two teachers, a sick day for another, one hosting a writers club, another coaching IM sports, one just too tired from the mixed…… Continue reading Stretched

Cheers to you, Grandma!

My grandma is turning 89 tomorrow. (Yes, this is the grandma who has seen American Pie based on my mom’s recommendation. For the record, she did think it was funny). I’ve been pretty lucky to have had her in my life this long. My kids are pretty lucky to have their “nana” in their lives…… Continue reading Cheers to you, Grandma!

You know your married to a teacher when (spouse ghost writer version)

This is clearly a trap…but you know you’re married to a teacher when … – constant shipments of school supplies end up at your house. Who’s paying for all of this?! – you get nightly rants about teaching and teaching related things (I don’t think they are nightly, but not my post!) – you know…… Continue reading You know your married to a teacher when (spouse ghost writer version)

Birthday wishes

I had a birthday recently, and I made a wish. I wished for a lot of things, but my main one was to focus on myself. Don’t worry- I’m not superstitious about saying it out loud. I’ve had the same wish for the last few years and while I haven’t said a peep about it-…… Continue reading Birthday wishes

A piece of American Pie

I would like to preface this post with a notice that I’m a 90’s kid, so my early teenage years were during the release of American Pie. Yes I’m referring to the movie that made every parent rethink sending their child to band camp. Back in the 90’s and early 2000’s, our idea of fun…… Continue reading A piece of American Pie

It’s not just YouTube…

YouTube. Don’t even get me started. Sure- it’s great for some things. Want to learn how to build a shelf, or figure out how to install a car seat? YouTube has people walking you through the process step by step. Missed the episode of what you wanted to watch, but you only wanted to see…… Continue reading It’s not just YouTube…


I’m an expert at procrastination. Truly. My body has been programmed to deliver during stressful times. I can recall having this debate with my mother countless times in high school. She would always ask why I wait until the last minute to get my work done and I said it’s because I work better under…… Continue reading Reprioritizing

Superhero or Villian?

I’m binge watching a show that I probably should have never started because I clearly don’t have the time (it’s on the list to finish before spring break- it won’t happen, but I’m certainly trying! It helps my procrastination). The latest episode has my mind reeling. The doctors go out for a night of karaoke…… Continue reading Superhero or Villian?