Finding the Joy

There’s hope friends. I found it today. I was teaching writing this morning first thing. I was blessed with this schedule. Get writing out of the way right away and then I can breathe. You all know my secret from last year that I really don’t like writing. It probably impacts my teaching of writing.…… Continue reading Finding the Joy


You are my colleagues and friends, but you have been so much more than that for me. You have MADE my career what it is. Nothing. Else. Is. Possible. It has been the rubbing against you, the disagreeing in our safe space, the learning that comes from listening to what you say, …trying it myself,…… Continue reading staff


Eschew. Sycophant. Accismus. Heterochromia Do you ever hear interesting words and want to use them? Occasionally, I come across a book by a gifted writer whose words seem to float off the page and fly straight to my brain. Reading becomes effortless. It feels like a magical event! When finding an author who writes like…… Continue reading silver-tongued


Eager to work, to learn, and to do, kids look for fun, all the day through. Eager to work, to learn, to be ready, ‘We’ know the timid, the brash and the”heady”. Eager to comfort, to nurture and steel, Moms want support as they make the next meal. Eager to save, to love and protect,…… Continue reading reason


ya gotta teach em how to learn, tic, tic, tic, tic, How to learn, how to learn, HOW do you learn? shah, shaaaah.. When somebody talks can you *-STOP-*? Can you stop, get quiet and think? Cha——chaah Make your body rea- -lly—- quiet and think. What- do you hear when you listen? listen? listen? listen?…… Continue reading learn

Finish Line

All momentum is gone. It’s finished, right? Was this for an indefinite amount of time? I’m uncomfortable. Is this forever? If I am honest, I can’t “do this”. No, I don’t want to. I’m sure that circumstances will change again, but when? How long will I feel this? I can’t discern well at times, and…… Continue reading Finish Line


I love you so much, but I am leaving. I gave you EVERYTHING I had. I’m glad I did, because I got so much in return. I found deep joy in the kids. There was so much love. I know that this is the right decision, but it is very tough. Still so much love.…… Continue reading view

31 Reasons to Slice

1. It allows me to become more comfortable being uncomfortable. Putting yourself out there is hard! 2. Community of slicers 3. Gives me more reason to work with my amazing curriculum coach, @onathought 4. An outlet for creativity and self expression 5. I can do hard things 6. I pause more and am mindful about…… Continue reading 31 Reasons to Slice

ode to writing

Conveying the contents of your heart and mind on a page for others to read? Why do it? People will read your offerings; will agree or disagree. They might feel something, they may find common ground with you. But writing is most often not for you alone, but is an expression from one person to…… Continue reading ode to writing