Friday Reflections

I was afraid of what today would bring from the moment I woke up this morning. Fortunately, both kids were still sleeping soundly when my alarm went off. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Saturday so I couldn’t enjoy the extra minutes. It’s never Saturday when this happens. Fortunately, both were in good spirits when they woke up.…… Continue reading Friday Reflections

Being 7 is Fabulous!

Being 7 is fabulous. The style. The fashion sense. The accessories (we can add earrings to the list now!) The shoes. The jackets. The hair. Being 7 is fabulous. The reading. The books. The expression. The growth. Being 7 is fabulous. The friendships. The independence. The decision-making. The problem-solving. The creating. Being7 is fabulous. My…… Continue reading Being 7 is Fabulous!

No communication, yet

Day 29 of the March Slice of Life Challenge hosted by the Two Writing Teachers! #SOL23 Outside in the gardenCreating newspaper pots and planting seedsKids washed their hands and ran off to the playgroundA beautiful day for extra recessAnd then the news hitA district, my daughters’ district was on lock downPotential school shootingNo communication yetI…… Continue reading No communication, yet

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Change in Plans

Today was supposed to be a special day. My daughter was supposed to go outside to enjoy her birthday treat at school. But she didn’t. She stayed inside to enjoy it because a neighboring school district had a shooting threat called in. She didn’t know that was the reason why. She simply said, “It was…… Continue reading Change in Plans

A List

– organized – comparmentalized – visual – focused – growing – accomplished – detached – emotionless – motions – exhausting – limited – never enough


Day 28 of the March Slice of Life Challenge hosted by the Two Writing Teachers! #SOL23 Change is hardEspecially when the pendulum swings the other directionChange is inevitableEspecially if research supports itNumbers don’t lie or do they?Change is comingEven if it’s difficult to digestor you’re having trouble acceptingChange can be goodEven if you’re afraid of…… Continue reading Change

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Yesterday I was without the right words. Today I am speechless. Tomorrow will come and nothing will be done.

Making Time

Day 26 of the March Slice of Life Challenge hosted by the Two Writing Teachers! #SOL23 I’ve been carving out time to read books from my someday reading pileIs it possible for a pile to get smaller, while also continuing to grow?I’ve been swapping titles with friendsAnd trying to quiet the voice in my head…… Continue reading Making Time

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I have a lot of thoughts right now about a lot of things. So many questions, feelings, predictions, and concerns swirling around my brain right now. I’m having a hard time finding the right words to share. The right words that will challenge, but not judge. The words that show, “I’m listening,” and will hopefully…… Continue reading Words

I will never!!!

It’s official…I’m turning into my mother. (This will be a good indicator if she actually reads my posts) I don’t know why it sounds like such a “bad” thing to turn into your parent. It’s possible I just feel so much guilt for breaking so many promises to myself. So many times when I’ve either…… Continue reading I will never!!!