Dear E.,

It’s me, your Aunt Alyssa… Do you want to know a secret? I can’t keep it from you any longer because I’m bursting out the seams! And truthfully, I don’t really want it to be a secret. Okay, here it is… I love you SO much and I haven’t even met you yet. I’ve watched…… Continue reading Dear E.,

An open letter to you.

Reflecting. Been slicing for a MONTH now. And I wonder what made this different than, say, a 30 day water drinking challenge?! Now that I’m here, I’m noticing that I haven’t written in a LONG time. And it feels good. Also, I’m really random. Also also, I was vulnerable and posted some of my slices…… Continue reading An open letter to you.

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I love you so much, but I am leaving. I gave you EVERYTHING I had. I’m glad I did, because I got so much in return. I found deep joy in the kids. There was so much love. I know that this is the right decision, but it is very tough. Still so much love.…… Continue reading view

31 Reasons to Slice

1. It allows me to become more comfortable being uncomfortable. Putting yourself out there is hard! 2. Community of slicers 3. Gives me more reason to work with my amazing curriculum coach, @onathought 4. An outlet for creativity and self expression 5. I can do hard things 6. I pause more and am mindful about…… Continue reading 31 Reasons to Slice

ode to writing

Conveying the contents of your heart and mind on a page for others to read? Why do it? People will read your offerings; will agree or disagree. They might feel something, they may find common ground with you. But writing is most often not for you alone, but is an expression from one person to…… Continue reading ode to writing

And today, we rebel

15 and I were rebels today, while out shopping. We’ve been conditioned to go with the flow. To buy what we’ve always bought (or had bought for us). And never question it. Well tonight, we questioned it.We bought men’s deodorant.Have you ever wondered what Alpine Splash smells like? Or Wanderlust? Or Arctic Rush? Women’s deodorant…… Continue reading And today, we rebel

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