What are you thinking?

Are you watching me?What do you see?What are you thinking? My face is so hot Am I enough?Did you see that moment?What are you thinking? I can’t think straight Were you able to see more than the surface?How do you know me?What are you thinking? I am sweating so much Can you feel their comfort?Do…… Continue reading What are you thinking?


So you know how Someone once told me Have you ever I thought about how Ever since I started to I don’t even care to How do you know if When I sat there I thought It’s almost like Everyone has a day that Grrrr…..writers block.

Choice or Bricks?

There are times when it’s simply impossible for the brain to allow even just one more thing to pass through or process without losing something else vital. So, is it a choice then? Or just like hitting a brick wall? I’ll let you know the answer tomorrow.

Are we there yet?

There is a certain pointWe arrive there and then wonderIs this it?Is this when it’s enough or too much?Is this the point that makes the difference?We never truly know the answerThe point is ever changingFurther away, or even in the pastLooking ahead or backThe answer is never clearKeep going, keep movingDon’t look backDon’t look too…… Continue reading Are we there yet?


What happens when kids become teens? You start to question your genes.They lose all their senses Don’t mention expenses And faces just stuck in their screens

Going home

6:00am – Final morning, time to get up, pack and get to the airport. Don’t forget anything! 8:00am – One final bite of gluten free Mickey Waffles…YUM! 9:00am – Dropping the rental car off, so smooth. Fine, easy travel day, wahoo! 9:40am – Flight delayed…hmm, checking connection time, should be juuussst fine! I’m not worried.…… Continue reading Going home


The overwhelming aroma of several conflicting perfumes snuck their way into my nose and as I breathed them in I immediately thought of you. How many times we walked these paths together, admiring the many worlds Walt had created to unite people together and fascinate our senses. And here I am, 7 months after you’ve…… Continue reading GG

Core memories

Right now I am sitting on a bench, people watching, while my girls ride Test Track for the second time. Before that I rode Test Track with my family, laughing till our faces hurt, joking about the driving being reminiscent of my newly licensed daughter’s driving. Before that I was walking through Paris (in Epcot)…… Continue reading Core memories

Mommy, Look!

The sweet, peaceful silence of the pitch black hotel room before anyone else awakes on vacation.  The sound of slamming doors in the hallway and the pitter patter of little footsteps pounding down the hall.  “Don’t RUN!” “MOMMY, LOOK!” “DID YOU GET EVERYTHING?” MOOOMMMYYYY!” Guess I shouldn’t expect sweet peaceful silence at 9:30am in DISNEY!…… Continue reading Mommy, Look!