The overwhelming aroma of several conflicting perfumes snuck their way into my nose and as I breathed them in I immediately thought of you.

How many times we walked these paths together, admiring the many worlds Walt had created to unite people together and fascinate our senses.

And here I am, 7 months after you’ve left this world, being brought to my knees in the happiest place on earth, simply by a scent that reminded me of you.


  1. I know that feeling. It’s gutting no matter the actual aroma or place. It’s the person that whiffs in memory and it’s a surreal experience. You did a lovely job honoring that with your slice here.


  2. I love this and I feel this. Enjoy the memory, delight in the idea of the times you spent together. Feel your feelings.


  3. I feel this slice. Grief is so unexpected. I broke down in a grocery store aisle once because a bagel reminded me of a good friend that I had lost. Hold those memories close. ❤


  4. So many powerful, beautiful lines in this piece. This one in particular stood out to me: “being brought to my knees in the happiest place on earth”, as well as the contrast of senses being fascinated vs. an avenue for memory.


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