Field Trip

What is a field trip? It’s tons of fun! What is a field trip? Lots of work to be done! What is a field trip? We get to ride a bus! What is a field trip? Man, there are lots of us! What is a field trip? Reviewing expectations grown-ups expect! What is a field…… Continue reading Field Trip

In-Service Day

Instructional support overview New programs Sign up for meetings Eating snacks Reviewing writing assessments Verifying report cards went out Intervention plans Classroom clean up and out Emailing classroom newsletter Daily planning Activity prepYay we are done!

A Rough Day

Yesterday was… Challenging. Frustrating. Exhausting. Disheartening. BUT Today is a new day… A new opportunity to work with my students. A fresh set of eyes to look at what is going on. A chance to pause and reflect instead of react. A moment where we can start over. A day I can be grateful for.

Ready to Go

One Watch Two Sneakers Three Bags Four Rings  Five Items of Clothing Six items on a lanyard One teacher ready to leave her house!

Morning Vs. Afternoon

In The MorningIn The AfternoonIn the morning, It is quiet.In the afternoon, It is loud.In the morning, It is still.In the afternoon, It is busy.In the morning, I am preparing.In the afternoon, I am recovering.In the morning, I am tired.In the afternoon, I am tired.

I Sat Down

I sat down to write my slice of life… But first I had to get everyone home from school Then I had to help everyone unload their stuff Then I had to check folders  Then I needed to empty lunch boxes and wash the lunch containers Then someone needed water (it was me) Then someone…… Continue reading I Sat Down

Home Again, Jiggety Jig

Vacation, vacation let’s go very big Home again, home again jiggety jig  Vacation, vacation I slept like a log Home again, home again jiggety jog Vacation, vacation I ate so much cake Home again, home again for pete’s sake Vacation, vacation lots of games won Home again, home again vacation is done!


ProsConsWe are going somewhere “Yay!”I will forget something- without fail.By packing I can really evaluate what I own and how much I own and see if I have any gaps in my wardrobe.  I can also make a plan to fill gaps/replace well loved things that are on their way to their grave.  Also this…… Continue reading Packing

I’m Currently

I’m Currently- Reading“I Must Betray You” by Ruta SepetysAn amazing young adult novel to read in light of current events.  I am adoring it!  Highly recommend for any fan of historical fiction. WritingIn the Slice of Life writing challengeI am hopeful that I will be able to accomplish a lot of growth in my writing.…… Continue reading I’m Currently

Today I’m Celebrating!

Today I’m celebrating  A classwide PBIS goal met! Today I’m celebrating 17 students decorating pairs of cookies and nothing fell on the floor! Today I’m celebrating Four more days till Spring Break! Today I’m celebrating Completed report cards! Today I”m celebrating The rest the long weekend gave to me! Today I’m celebrating Tomorrow I hope…… Continue reading Today I’m Celebrating!