Today I’m Celebrating!

Today I’m celebrating 

A classwide PBIS goal met!

Today I’m celebrating

17 students decorating pairs of cookies and nothing fell on the floor!

Today I’m celebrating

Four more days till Spring Break!

Today I’m celebrating

Completed report cards!

Today I”m celebrating

The rest the long weekend gave to me!

Today I’m celebrating

Tomorrow I hope to celebrate some more!


  1. Hello! I LOVE this format. I think it is a great way to reflect on the day with a positive mindset! I know that is a goal for me; to switch my mindset to something positive. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Sounds like you had lots to celebrate today. I try to add at least one gratitude to my notebook every day and find it helps me. Welcome!


  3. Today I’m celebrating Slice of Life – and I’m so glad you are joining us! This is one of my favorite formats, and I loved reading about your celebrations.


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