A Rough Day

Yesterday was…






Today is a new day…

A new opportunity to work with my students.

A fresh set of eyes to look at what is going on.

A chance to pause and reflect instead of react.

A moment where we can start over.

A day I can be grateful for.


  1. Yes, the opportunity to start over is worth a lot in schools. “new opportunity, … fresh eyes, … a chance to pause” – all things that help us return to task after a rough go. I hope your day turned out the way you hoped.


  2. Love the optimism!
    There’s never a wrong time to press the reset button. Sometimes I try to press it in the middle of the day so the entire day isn’t a wash. Sometimes that works, but others… not so much.


  3. What a beautiful shift! I like all the synonyms in the first half–some days just feel like that list. My favorite line from the second half is this: “A chance to pause and reflect instead of react.”


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