1. LOVE so much about this!!! So much joy and excitement through just 8 speech bubbles. As the reader, I can infer the speech bubbles of the characters in the wings (the teachers) who also are experiencing joy. The successful theme seems to be student agency. We get to type. Have a FUN FRIDAY which I know you will. Thanks for sharing your joy!! Keep it going!! Plus, love your format. I need to give this format a try. You might like my post about interviewing the amazing Jerry Craft – https://readandwritebysally.wordpress.com/2022/03/23/jerrys-interview/


  2. It sounds like such a great day! It makes me happy to read about the joy that it sounds like your students brought to school today. That frame of the top of a little one’s head who is saying they’ve been thinking about science all day–that comment in particular makes my heart melt.

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