You know about the Mona Lisa.. but do you know theMama Lisa?

Every Wednesday, I ask my students a “would you rather” question during morning meeting. Sometimes the questions are funny, sometimes they focus on a social- emotional concepts we’re working on, while others times they’re completely random. Today’s question was, “Would you rather be an art teacher or a P.E. teacher?” I knew this particular question…… Continue reading You know about the Mona Lisa.. but do you know theMama Lisa?


Hiding my emotions has become a sort of art. For what seems like a long time, I’ve had things, opportunities, or people ripped from me too quickly. Not having any sort of input in these matters hasn’t made it any easier. If you ask me what’s going on, I’d tell you I’m torn. “That’s what’s…… Continue reading Torn

Today I’m Celebrating…

Today I’m celebrating having extra time this morning to sip coffee on the couch with B before leaving for school. Today I’m celebrating a blooming friendship with a group of empowering women who listen, encourage, and push each other to be better. Today I’m celebrating a really exciting secret that could mean a big change…… Continue reading Today I’m Celebrating…

Seaweed Man

I am cozying up under my favorite pink plush blanket while watching the unwelcome March snow come down. Luckily it’s too warm to stick. Before that, I was taking Savi for a walk, wishing I had picked a more opportune time, as the snowflakes fell onto my glasses. I thought it was supposed to be…… Continue reading Seaweed Man