You know about the Mona Lisa.. but do you know theMama Lisa?

Every Wednesday, I ask my students a “would you rather” question during morning meeting. Sometimes the questions are funny, sometimes they focus on a social- emotional concepts we’re working on, while others times they’re completely random. Today’s question was, “Would you rather be an art teacher or a P.E. teacher?” I knew this particular question would be quite the argument this morning considering the kiddos in my class.

Answers seemed to go back and forth as we went around our circle, and everyone’s reasons were both valid and convincing.

“I’d rather be a P.E. teacher because I like sports, especially football. I’d make it tackle football!”

“I’d rather be an art teacher because I like to be creative and I really like to draw.”

“I’d rather be a P.E teacher because its my favorite subject.”

When it was H’s turn to share, I could have probably guessed her answer. She said, “An art teacher. Of course.”

“Ah, I should have known!” I replied. T questioned how I could have possibly known what H would say. That’s when I explained that H’s mom is an art teacher! Queue the “ooohs” and “aaahhhs.” Except for S. He had something else to share.

“She’s like… the Mama Lisa!”

Genius. Pure genius. And not to mention hilarious. All thought up by a first grader. I couldn’t stop laughing, which made the kids start laughing, and then we all couldn’t stop! It was a fantastic way to start our morning to say the very least!

Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers March Slice a Day Challenge! I’m slicing every day this month. Thanks for stopping by!


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