1. LOVE the first image the BEST!!! It is exactly how I envisioned my next door neighbor, also part of the 80+ with-lots-of-time-on their-hands group who would tell me all about everything going on my street as I’d stop by and sit in her living room. And I’d wonder, HOW does she know all this. Of course, it’s her peeking through her window blind!! Thanks for allowing me to remember my dear neighbor today as she is no longer with us.

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    1. I drew that first and knew it was gonna be a good one from that panel alone, ha! Thanks for the memory comment 🙂


  2. REGINA GEORGE!!! OMG, that is AAAAMMMAAAZZZIIINNNGGGG. I started laughing before even reading. I also love how the event that has your Grandma and pal out of sorts is so trivial. It makes it all the more perfect. Can you please do another?

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  3. How is this the end of SOL month and I have just discovered this great visual SOL blog?? I love this; it’s exactly my mom and her friend Margaret (they lived across from the Catholic Church and watched it ALL like it was a giant TV set!).

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