Going home

6:00am – Final morning, time to get up, pack and get to the airport. Don’t forget anything!

8:00am – One final bite of gluten free Mickey Waffles…YUM!

9:00am – Dropping the rental car off, so smooth. Fine, easy travel day, wahoo!

9:40am – Flight delayed…hmm, checking connection time, should be juuussst fine! I’m not worried.

12:38pm – Flight finally leaves, soooo, now I’m a little worried about making a connection. Ok, so I’ll run for the gate and have them hold the plane, you get the girls there carefully. We should be FINE!

3:28pm – Land in Newark…taxi-ing, taxi-ing, taxi-ing….oh my word, are we driving home from here??? This could still be fine, right??

3:38pm – Text received: you flight has departed. Um, we are still taxi-ing. So…we aren’t fine?

4:00pm – Endless customer service line journey. “Hello, um, the flight you delayed caused me to miss a connection, can you help?” “I’m sorry, due to weather, all flights are cancelled until further notice except for one tonight at 8pm and it’s full. Do you want standby?” Fine, yes.

5:00pm – No rental cars available to drive home, no future flights available (if this one doesn’t work out), so seriously NOT fine.

8:05pm – Seat assigned! Off of standby and onto the plane. FINALLY going home.

9:10pm – Did I say going home? Oops! Waiting on plane for a delayed flight to land so we don’t leave other Happy Valley families behind because did I mention there are NO more flights to state College!!! Fine, fine, everything is fine.

10:45pm – Landed. HOME! See, I told you it was all fine. Geez, why was I so worried?

(Had this saved in drafts…so I posted it a few days late. Whoops!)


  1. Sounds like a stressful day! The time stamps and how you were feeling at different spots in the day made for a compelling story. Glad you made it home!


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