Kim’s husband has Melanoma, stage 4. Vivian’s husband died last night, suddenly, of a heart attack. This week I have felt sad, and afraid.

When friends and loved ones share news like this, it is alarming, chilling and heartbreaking. ‘This can happen‘, I think. It happens to us all.

When crisis occurs, we look to our community for support. Are there supports in place already? Or are we left scrambling for help at our very time of need? Can you name the first person you would turn to at a catastrophic moment?

A community is about supporting, motivating and encouraging one another. What examples of mutual, reciprocal support are evident in my community? (In yours?) Does our community’s level of cooperation fit what we need and want? Do I notice community members encouraging and motivating one another?

A crisis doesn’t have to be a death,… it can be the loss of a job, a divorce, an illness, a family member’s addiction, etc…. Irregardless, we subsist more readily with others. People. Family people, thoughtful people, healthy people….. to pull us through the storm.

Who are your people?


  1. Firstly, I’m sorry for your losses. Secondly, this is real. Always a good time to evaluate and reevaluate the people close to you. Thank you for this reminder ❤


  2. Who are your people feels like an important inquiry. Folks who show up in both the sorrowful and joyful season of life are my people. Thank you for these reflections. I wish you and those you love peace amidst the storm.


  3. I am sorry for your loss. I have learned as I have gotten older that “my people” are a smaller and smaller group, but that is OK because they are a strong and caring group. Thanks for giving me something important to think about tonight.


  4. Who would you turn to was a powerful line for me. Thank you for the vulnerable share, Patti ❤ hugs and good vibes your way.


  5. What an important question. I love how your post invites us in to think deeply. That ending, with the question stated simply, with lots of white space around it, is powerful.


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