I’m just not sure I can…

French fries with dinner? You betcha.
Wine? Don’t mind if I do.
Write a slice? I’m not sure.
Early bedtime? Sounds like a plan.
Write a slice? I need inspiration.
Write a slice? Time for jammies.
Write a slice? I will later.
Write a slice? Bedtime for kids.
Youngest daughter asleep. Write a slice?
I cannot. Oldest daughter is awake.
Oldest daughter is asleep. Maybe now?
Write a slice? My brain hurts.
Write a slice? I need sleep.
Write a slice? Here it is.

I’m participating in the daily March Slice of Life Challenge #SOL22 by Two Writing Teachers! Today is day 18!

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By kristasjots

Reader. Writer. Teacher. Singer of Random Tunes. Lover of Jokes, Doodling, & Flair Pens.


  1. I loved the format of this piece. I got to writing very late today as well. That “nap” after and early dinner took way longer than I thought! Hope you have a restful weekend.


  2. I love how you capture the inexplicable difficulty of writing a slice. Some days just feel so hard. I love how you contrast that with being able to be flexible with so many other things. It’s so true!


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