1. Really like that you slice with drawings and words…very cool! I know how that imposter syndrome creeps in. Glad you are working on getting rid of that voice in your head.


  2. Daily. Literally daily. So I feel this (as I am sure many do who are in roles/careers that lead to performance, if that makes sense).
    I have also long wondered about the female experience of imposter syndrome; and where it potentially may collide with patriarchy, and this idea we aren’t supposed to feel like we can?


    1. Considering that I was first introduced to its formal name by my friend, who is 1 of few women in science in her field, yes, I think that has a contributing factor. We work on it together, though. Good to find a gal gang that empowers each other! Thanks for your comment 🙂

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  3. A remarkably succinct capture of a very familiar and widespread phenomenon. It is a process to break the habit. Staying true to yourself, your values, ambitions and causes steadies us. It’s why I say, feed your integrity at every opportunity.

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  4. The placement of “But I’m working on it” is powerful….in the corner, hard to see at first, but in the spot where one’s eye would move to the next panel….hopefully a prediction of what’s to come. I think it’s something just about all of us are working on. Thanks for the reminder not to let that little red guy stay.

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