Teaching is not taking It’s giving a chance to make their own.

If you show how to make an “E” don’t show Your “E”. Just show e E ee EE EEEEE the plainest way you know.

Teaching is not for you to make kids just like you. They will believe what they believe, even if you think that it’s not true.

Instead you should TEACH how to think, and consider teaching how to listen and everything will be okay if you do.

It’s not about you.

It’s about the lights that are in your hands…Swirling, whirling with ideas. They have not decided what they will do with their years. They are thinking things that you could, would never imagine, and they will do things that you will despise. You’ll have to forgive them. If you can’t then it will be impossible to show them the right way, for them. Teach intelligent reasoning, empathy, love and more love. Right and wrong are above all. What is right, and why? Have you sat down, eye to eye?

What you do is what you model. They see every move you choose. It means more than your words … MuSt lift higher every day. High expectations. Normalize doing right, every time. superhuman.

Do you talk with peers to find what’s most important? What do our kids need and can we shift in response? Do you think you know? Everything

is tied up in you in the end. Director, producer, librarian, coach.

The best thing we put in front of kids is a healthy person.


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