Veggie Aversion

I didn’t eat a vegetable for the second day in a row. Not on purpose, but looking back, I didn’t plan well. We are usually a meat, starch, veggie family. But when it’s quick dinner or “every person for themselves” dinner, I don’t always choose a vegetable. For instance, yesterday we had burgers and fries (because my 13 yo cooked, and he loves using the flat top griddle and the air fryer) and unless you count potato, I didn’t have a veggie. Tonight we had soup and sandwiches, and my soup of choice was chicken and wild rice, and my sandwich was turkey and provolone. So again, no veggie.

I find it interesting that as a parent, I’m reminding my kids to eat their veggies. When they were younger I would “trick” them into eating veggies. But I can’t seem to get them down myself. I *know* I need to eat them. And it is SO EASY if you get those steam in the pouch microwavable ones. But for the second day in a row, I’ve neglected Natures Medicine.

Tomorrow will be better.

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  1. I KNOW!!! I like veggies but I have to WORK to make them a regular part of my diet! I can’t TELL you how many heads of lettuce or wilted broccoli or “punch-a-hole-in-it-with-your-finger” rotten cucumbers that I have thrown away. It’s embarrassing. But there’s always tomorrow…
    and I will never give up!


  2. Oh, veggies are vexing. I love them! Need them! And have such access to them! But (a) inertia, (b) picky kids, (c) inertia. I am somewhat more successful with fruit by having a lot of cut fruit in a tray in the fridge. But even then, I fall out of the habit for a while and BAM no fruit either.

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    1. I bought a veggie tray, like the kind you’ll find at a party, thinking it’s precut! it’s washed! it comes with dressing! And my kids and husband had a field day! when I went to pick at it, only the snap peas and carrots were left. UGH


  3. I eat most of my veggies in a salad, or else I would hardly ever have them. I’d rather choose any other food group than cook a veggie & eat it! (Except for corn. Corn Rocks! But it’s not a very green veggie, is it?)

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