Ode to Pink Treasure Chests

Today was a very special day in our household
A five year old’s dream came true
An extra wiggly tooth fell out at school
Her tooth was placed in a very very special pink treasure chest
And she came home extra excited
And with a smile that looks a little more grown up

At bedtime, I found my five year old in bed
Pink notebook in hand and our puppy snuggled close
Writing a note to the tooth fairy

Der Tooth Fare
Plez lev my tooth until tommor.
Tooth fare Do not tak it intil tomro.

Dear tooth fairy,
You heard the girl
Please wait until tomorrow
When she can show her “real tooth”
In her very very special pink treasure chest to Pappy and Grammy

I’m participating in the daily March Slice of Life Challenge #SOL22 by Two Writing Teachers! Today is day 22!

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By kristasjots

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  1. Our house has had similiar notes left for the tooth fairy! I think it is a right of passage for the tooth to fall out at school and get the coveted tooth carrying case. My son couldn’t wait to get a white tooth case that was on a string to wear as a necklace! I hope the tooth fairy reads the note.


  2. Thank you for sharing this sweet moment of innocence. She is amazing using her literary skills to communicate and control a situation. I foresee a politician in the making-changing our world for the better.


    1. Yes!! It’s been so fun to see her use her voice through writing! ❤ Last week, we were puppy sitting and E and A co-authored "Rules for the Puppy Play Pen." Here are a few snippets: "Pet jently," "be very kind to the puppy," "give lots of toys" "do not put stuffed animals in puppy pen." 🙂


  3. Oh, how sweet! I love the repetition of this “very very special pink treasure chest” and the comment that it was a five year old’s dream come true. So fun to read this beautifully captured moment!

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