Eight sweet ones are close though most are far and wide a sublime kinship

the PLANE!

We awoke in our big, fluffy bed, happy that we are going to a warmer place, to see my beloved mother. We loaded our ensemble and paraphernalia into our car and drove to an airport Lots of signs along the way, persuading us Short-term and Long-term parking A bus drove us to the terminal my…… Continue reading the PLANE!


Slow, like a flower starts Growing to it’s nurturer Sometimes it’s painful breaking through the ground.


Today’s class of feity fives gave me the hives. Maybe it’s because it’s the LONGEST week in the world, but at the end of class, I felt my face flush. I had spent the entire 50 minutes feeling as if we were all on our tippy toes, on the edge of a very small ledge.…… Continue reading ballsonthebars

so hot

Slish slup, whish, slap, ahhh.. In this bathtub of escape Swush, drip, light dances.      


“… baby, … baby! Can I hold my baby?! There’s so much novelty in having a new baby in our family! Especially after all these years. The tip of my nose slides over her pink cheek. Her luminous skin is as soft as velvet! I ache for her when I have not seen her in…… Continue reading “reframe”