the PLANE!

We awoke in our big, fluffy bed,

happy that we are going to a warmer place, to see my beloved mother.

We loaded our ensemble and paraphernalia into our car and drove to an airport

Lots of signs along the way, persuading us

Short-term and Long-term parking

A bus drove us to the terminal

my phone holds my ticket and confirmation number

there are Wheelchairs, with people who will push you

People at every airline kiosks, just standing and waiting to help you find your way (to anywhere)

Restaurants and bars at every gate for refreshments

seats for waiting in your special area

Explicit instructions for who, where, and when to move and respond

Traveling by plane is a lofty luxury.


  1. Such an explicit description of the experience! We are about to travel for the first time since 2019…anxious to encounter all you shared here!


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