I bustle and dash around; cutting and making materials, recording voice parts. Always looking for the BEST music examples to demonstrate triplets. Afterwards, driving to two stores, I finally find the present for my niece’s 5th birthday, Once home, I wrap and mail a care package and a get-well card. Reading and answering all of my emails,..( I never want to miss one from a parent or child). He calls: …”What do you think we should have for dinner?”.. and then: “I’ll pick something up on the way home”. (Don’t sit down)…. Eat too quickly …. clean up. (Don’t sit down!) She calls – “Oh mom, it’s been a hard week” , “and this happened… ..and that… and then….it was awful…” (I know, honey… I have had days like that. I know… ) What’s one more thing that I can do for today? Not sure if I have enough energy for this checklist….What do I HAVE to have finished and ready for tomorrow?


The reality is: the best thing I can do to be prepared for tomorrow is to get a good night’s sleep.

ME. [reality The best thing that I can do to prepare for the next day is to get a good night’s sleep.


  1. What a powerful ending! It’s one that I need to print out and read over and over again. I love that perspective of getting enough sleep being the best thing to do on the to do list.


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