right now… I am tired.

I have no shoes or socks on, and am still in my work clothes.

I had waffles for dinner a moment ago, because I only had the energy (or inclination?)for one finger to push down the toaster lever.

My feet feel the cold, hardwood floor and it’s only mildly uncomfortable.

I have a lot to do, but I forgot my list at school. Things are ‘hazy’ without my list….(or is that an excuse?)

My husband just got home and is creating his dinner from leftovers we made this weekend. Clank, thwup, ….clatter, clink…

I feel better because hubby is home. He is safe and warm.

I keep thinking that I will go to bed early tonight because that will be for the best…I can start anew tomorrow. Think, think, think.



  1. I just wrote about having the same feelings! I got home and did everything, but what I needed to do for school. I am exhausted. Thank you for sharing your post!

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  2. So glad you wrote anyway! I’m right there with you most nights, but the weather here was so gorgeous today that I’m strangely invigorated! I love how you said that things become “hazy” without your list – that’s exactly how I feel lately! I have about a thousand alarms and reminders on my phone and in my Gmail in an attempt to not forget things! I also loved how you said your husband makes your home safe and warm.

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  3. Hope today was better! We’ve all been there — the fact that the cold hard wood is only mildly uncomfortable lets me know the sheer exhaustion you are feeling! Cold hard wood has me running for slippers!


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