Heavy, Heavy

Treading water, pressure, heavy
To Do lists growing, busy, heavy
Mom Uber running, racing, heavy
“What’s for dinner?”, decision making, heavy
Mask Optional, anxiousness, heavy
Outpatient Surgery, nerves sprinting, heavy
Weekend full already, over-scheduled, heavy
In-Person in-service, for what?, heavy
Just keep swimming, drowning, heavy
Ready for a break, sub plans?!, heavy
Fifty More Days, Countdown, Heavy


  1. Heavy, heavy, indeed! “Just keep swimming, drowning” made me laugh. But I know it doesn’t seem funny when you feel that way. Hope your countdown goes fast and you get a break soon. Blessings and peace.

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  2. Not that it helps, but solidarity! I have learned that despite the sub plans- take the day for yourself at some point. Sending you strength.

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