Lost in Thought

Do you ever “save” things to think about when you have time to really dig deep and get lost in thought? I used to do this before I would go on a run. Save things to keep my mind busy so I wouldn’t contemplate stopping or walking. I started to save things to think about…… Continue reading Lost in Thought

A friendly campaign

So much depends upon A school-wide bulletin board Spaced perfectly across the wall With words centered above. Poem inspired by William Carlos Williams (and Sharon Creech) I needed this friendly campaign against my choice of positioning of the headline to a bulletin board. It brought smiles and laughter to a much anticipated last day before…… Continue reading A friendly campaign

A New Chapter

I have been withholding a truth from my students all year. Quite frankly I’ve held it in to all of my students for the past 11 years. It’s time for me fully honest… Here it is… I greatly dislike writing. Not the “oh it’s just not my favorite”, I flat out find no joy in…… Continue reading A New Chapter

Just a little reboot…

I have a love/hate relationship with technology. I imagine many people these days have the same. I love the convenience, the speed, the breadth of knowledge, the ways to connect, and for many kids- a form of engagement. All is well until I get a headache from too much screen time or my fingers hurt…… Continue reading Just a little reboot…

Unfortunately, Fortunately

I woke up at 3:00 am. Unfortunately, that was because lil’ N was sleeping in my room. Fortunately, he just stared at me this time instead of gently touching my arm while I slept- sparring him from a whack to the face and me another panic attack!  Unfortunately, he wanted to go back to his…… Continue reading Unfortunately, Fortunately