Being 6 is great.

Being 6 is great

Slumber parties are starting. Friendships are forming. Notes and pictures are being shared daily.

Being 6 is great.

Letters have sounds, which make words when you put them together, and now we have stories!

Being 6 is great.

Responsibilities are starting. Feeling proud about working hard. Getting different opportunities than before.

Being 6 is great.

Conversations are happening. Opinions are developing. Personalities are really showing.

I don’t know how we got here so quickly, it’s hard to believe this day has come. 6 years ago we welcomed you into our lives and now I couldn’t imagine a day without you. Being 6 is great and it’s amazing to share this journey with you.

By Kessick



  1. It’s fun to see the world through your six-year-old’s eyes. There is so much about being 6 that is great. I love the rhythm in each stanza–it makes the poem feel like it’s moving and things are happening (as they are!).


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