I wasn’t allowed to attend sleepovers when I was a kid. I most certainly wasn’t allowed to host any.

Why? Something about “not wanting to deal with grumpy kids the next day”. A sorry excuse (ever hear of a nap? Oh wait- that was also a rule- no napping or sleeping all day).

Of course this was the end of the world. So after a lot of persuading, I compromised with my mother and managed to be allowed 2 sleepovers a year IF they were a birthday party and IF I agreed to be a pleasant individual for the entire next day.

Commence the campaign to make sure my friends had a sleepover party for their birthday. I got lucky and had about 3 before I attended middle school. They are treasured memories. They did take effort- I had to be sure to pretend that I wasn’t tired at all the next day for fear that my negotiation would be compromised.

I longed for the days when I would have children and I could let them sleepover and then nap the next day! I used to toss this around as a persuasion tactic. She was as strong as an ox and didn’t let it sting her.

The day has come though. My daughter has attended 2 sleepovers so far this year (just with close neighbors). She napped after both. Heck- I napped after both. We survived to tell the tale.

Now she is hosting her own this evening. My childhood dreams come true.

Unfortunately I am not invited to the fun since I am not 6, so instead I’m in the other room listening to the giggles and smiling.

I’m also looking forward to that nap tomorrow.

By Kessick



  1. >Something about “not wanting to deal with grumpy kids the next day”.<

    Ha! We always made pancakes the next day, so that was our thing. We typically make our own batter, it just tastes better. Our LOL moment came when one of our daughter's friends looked at what we were doing and told us, "Know you, they have a mix for that." I cannot imagine the looks on our faces as she told us this "common" fact.😂

    Thanks for sharing this slice with us (and I'm hoping you have no grumpy kids tomorrow morning! 🙂


  2. I hope the whole experience was fun! I love your line: “I’m in the other room listening to the giggles and smiling.” With your backstory and descriptions, you’ve brought out what a special event this is.


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