You know your married to a teacher when (spouse ghost writer version)

This is clearly a trap…but you know you’re married to a teacher when …

– constant shipments of school supplies end up at your house. Who’s paying for all of this?!

– you get nightly rants about teaching and teaching related things (I don’t think they are nightly, but not my post!)

– you know you have at minimum 30 minutes to kill if your teacher spouse sees another teacher. Let’s face it- that convo will be at least 45 minutes and you will not be able to relate to any of it, so excuse yourself now and play with the kids so you don’t have to pretend to listen

– you know the only gym you’re hitting is the school gym on the weekends when that “I just need to drop off something for a minute” turns into an hour of things they forgot to do in the classroom

– you know watching TV with your spouse really means helping grade papers rather than relaxing on the couch

– you know it’s the beginning of a school year when you have enough boxes of stuff everywhere you feel like you are moving into a new house. Where do you store this stuff all summer?!

– you get to up your dad joke game when your spouse shares all of the corny kid jokes

– you know you are married to someone who is passionate about what they do and the kids they work with

I think it’s pretty nice being married to a teacher.

By Kessick



  1. I love this. I’m not sure I’d let my husband do this after 25 years of teaching. He could relate. Both of my daughter-in-law’s parents are teachers. Mom taught 2nd grade and dad taught physics. My husband has a great time when the four of us get together 😂


  2. Hahaha! I read this one to my husband in between commenting on lots of slices this evening. He was nodding along, saying “uh-huh, uh-huh” at regular intervals. Maybe now is not the best time to mention that I need to run by school tomorrow? Tell your spouse thank you for sharing!


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