Birthday wishes

I had a birthday recently, and I made a wish.

I wished for a lot of things, but my main one was to focus on myself.

Don’t worry- I’m not superstitious about saying it out loud. I’ve had the same wish for the last few years and while I haven’t said a peep about it- it also hasn’t come true.

I know wishing is only the first step in any journey towards success. You then have to actualize the plan, commit to it, take steps, hold yourself accountable, reflect, and improve.

There are a few other wishes I have though while I continue to work on whatever part of my self help journey I’m on.

For example,

I wish I wouldn’t have to spend the entire week after break regretting the break.

I wish I could lean into the fun times more often rather than being a grump about it.

I wish my kids would sleep in on a Saturday. Just once.

I wish I could sleep in on the day they manage to BOTH sleep in.

I wish we could finish our renovation before we start the next one.

I wish I could feel valued and trusted as a professional by those in power.

I wish for my friends to know that I love and support them even if I don’t reach out often enough.

I wish my kids know how much I love them and admire them for being just who they are.

I wish my husband and I could actualize our dates rather than being so dead tired to try.

I wish my nieces and nephew know that I think of them often and am amazed by their accomplishments and how fast they grow.

I wish to finally read that pile of books sitting on my night stand waiting to be read.

I wish for Clarity. Strength. Balance. Rest. Health. Happiness.

I wish for a lot of things. Good thing I have a lot of candles.

By Kessick



  1. That’s a powerful set of wishes. It’s really interesting to see how one’s personality comes through in reading what they wish for. Your last line is great! It made me chuckle.


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