Another puppy?

Day 19 of the March Slice of Life Challenge hosted by the Two Writing Teachers! #SOL23

This past August, my family convinced me that we needed a second Miniature Schnauzer. My husband sent me pictures of puppies online and I may have even found myself looking at photos online when no one else was around. But… another puppy? We already had one. We had our soon to be one-year-old Miniature Schnauzer Izzy, who was pretty well behaved and was so easy to train. Would we get this lucky the second time around?

She needs a friend. She loved playing with Reese and Marley when we were at the beach.

I know. I know. But did we really need a puppy? Izzy was so well behaved.

Before I knew what was happening, we were driving to pick up our new puppy. It was August. We only had a few weeks of summer left and then we all would be heading back to school.

I let my husband pick the puppy this time around. He selected one with similar coloring to Izzy. She was pretty stinky when we got her, but we loved her the moment we met her. She snuggled on my lap wrapped up in a blanket on the car ride home. I remember her shaking. We have since learned she doesn’t love to ride in the car–it makes her nervous.

Our puppy needed a bath. We decided to postpone the meeting of the new fur sisters until she had a bath. I went inside and quickly took Izzy out the back for a walk, while my husband and the kids bathed our tiny new puppy.

We named her Piper. Soon, she became Hyper Piper. She may have been little, but boy was she mighty. She zoomed, she wrestled, she played. She stole socks, underwear, shoes, toilet paper, anything-that-could-fit-in-her-mouth-insert item here. She chewed carpets and she sounded (still sounds) like a little hound dog. I’m convinced she is part hound.

Piper adores her big sister, Izzy and soon filled the role of pesky little sister and best friend; Busy Izzy and Hyper Piper.

If this were a confession slice, I would share that having two puppies is A LOT more work than one. Walking two dogs every morning is A LOT more work than one. Taking two dogs outside when the weather is not the greatest is A LOT more work than one. Having two dogs find and destroy toilet paper is A LOT more work than one.

And… having two puppies to share your lap and your heart is A LOT better than one. ❤

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  1. This is so sweet! You build right up to the ending nicely. I can totally relate to having a dog that is so easy you can’t imagine having another that would also be easy! Here’s to your bravery and growing your family by one!

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  2. I have resisted become a two dog owner for years because I am sure it is a lot more work. I also think about a lot more hair in the house too. Who knows maybe a brother for Milo will be in my future plans though.

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    1. Thankfully our dogs are hypoallergenic and don’t shed. A and I both have really bad allergies and asthma. We were a little nervous at first that it wouldn’t work out, but it did! ❤ Awe a little brother for Milo… definitely extra work and they bring so much love!


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