ya gotta teach em how to learn,

tic, tic, tic, tic,

How to learn, how to learn,

HOW do you learn? shah, shaaaah..

When somebody talks can you


Can you stop, get quiet and think? Cha——chaah

Make your body rea- -lly—- quiet and think. What- do you hear when you listen? listen? listen? listen?

They said: “I want every dlkjhngou. wirtghoehrgn slrighhd….”

They said: “I want everyone to get wdfghkh qert poj..”

“I want everyone to get 3 of these items and demonstrate how they are related.”

I have no idea, cause I don’t know what to think cha, cha, cha, cha, how to think -sha sha sha sha…..slow, sloow, sloooww, down and think. but HOW do you think?

She* said, “use your words, Take a look take a look”. She* said, “I’m blind, what do you see”, see, see?

Blue, “YES”, long, “YES!”, sharp, “yes, yes”. OH! I know, …I get it,… I see!

“Blue, sharp ,steel and cold, hard, round and something you can SIT ON….SEE? I can sit like this and it’s just like that one!” Think, think, think, think, think, think, think.

I’m learnin’ how to learn.. ch-cha, just like that. I had no idea, I never did, I didn’t know, I never, ever, I didn’t ever, no one ever, a different way for me …wait, wait, wait, waaaitttt——

Takes time, took time, ditch the lesson, take time, dig deeper, plow further, I’m smart, I can, I did, I’m calm and I can STOP, get quiet and listen.


  1. I love the rhythm in this! I can totally imagine a teacher singing this with students–complete with motions. If you haven’t already turned this into an activity for kids, I hope you do!


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