Here Be Dragons

Readers, today I would like to teach you that the characters in our fantasy stories face many different kinds of dragons. Some dragons are literal, meaning the characters are actually fighting a real dragon, while others are metaphorical dragons.

My gaslight pops on again
Reminding me I have 20 more miles to empty
I heavy sigh
Another dragon

Metaphorical dragons symbolize the conflicts faced by characters. Just like characters in real life, these conflicts can be both external and internal.

I continue to drive
Passing a gas station
Add get gas to the long list of to do items

Experienced readers look for these conflicts.

Only 15 more miles to empty
Yes, yes I know
Gas is on the list
But there are other items on the list
More important things
Like making it to this appointment on time

What dragons are your characters currently facing? Are they facing any literal dragons? What about metaphorical ones? Take a moment to consider your character’s troubles. What internal battles are they facing? It’s important to remember they may or may not have control over these troubles.


What flaws do they have as a character?

How do these dragons relate to the theme of the story? Are they closely related? Do they help grow and stretch and evolve your theme seeds? If so, how?

What does this countdown to empty symbolize?
Is it a symbol of my year?
Does it symbolize that lately I’ve been running on almost empty?
Or does it show I’m a risk taker?


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  1. I love, love how you interweave the teaching points with your story of running low. What an unexpected, beautiful combination.


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