Friday Reflections

I was afraid of what today would bring from the moment I woke up this morning.

Fortunately, both kids were still sleeping soundly when my alarm went off.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t Saturday so I couldn’t enjoy the extra minutes. It’s never Saturday when this happens.

Fortunately, both were in good spirits when they woke up. Maybe they aren’t sick (they only sleep in if they are sick).

Unfortunately, my husband “lost” our daughter during the morning routine. I found her in the bathroom, doubled over the toilet, clearly not well.

Fortunately, my husband was able to stay home.

Unfortunately, I gave the “wrong” cup to my son for breakfast, so I was still running late after dealing with those tears (the water is clearly ruined when it’s in the pink cup and of the blue cup. Being 5 is fine).

Fortunately, I hit the green lights and no construction traffic. So I made it to school on time.

Unfortunately, it was my observation day and everyone seemed to be having the day I was having.

Fortunately, I like to reflect and have a lot of ideas for the next lesson as we continue our learning.

It’s Friday and we have two whole days to recuperate- a silver lining.

By Kessick


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  1. The fortunately/unfortunately format was absolutely perfect for describing your morning! I’m sure you could have also described it as a challenging start to the day–it was really lovely to read how you were able to find the positives!


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