Being 7 is Fabulous!

Being 7 is fabulous.

The style. The fashion sense. The accessories (we can add earrings to the list now!) The shoes. The jackets. The hair.

Being 7 is fabulous.

The reading. The books. The expression. The growth.

Being 7 is fabulous.

The friendships. The independence. The decision-making. The problem-solving. The creating.

Being7 is fabulous.

My oldest is 7 now and while it’s hard to believe, I see the maturity each day. Not every moment is easy, but I love each day I have with this one!

By Kessick


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  1. I love your descriptions of all the ways that being 7 is fabulous. I imagine that some things–like the fashion sense–might not fit everyone’s definition of “fabulous”, but your post has me picturing the sense of independence and “maturity” that your daughter must be feeling. How sweet!


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