I was approached by a student just after lunch. She were fairly upset.

I caught the story in between the tears. Her new bracelet was gone. Disappeared. Had it at lunch and now cannot find it.

This was clearly a special bracelet, so I started offering places for her to check. The cafeteria, the bathroom, the hallway, her cubby, her desk.

No- apparently she had already looked there and she felt it was too soon for the lost and found table to have it.

I called the rest of the students to the carpet and suggested to her to go double check- you never know when someone will find something and drop it off.

I turn around to re-direct a student and make sure we were settled for our guest speakers. I turn back and I see her, both hands down the pants moving in all sorts of awkward directions.

Baffled, I asked, “Are you okay?! Do you need to use the rest room?” I’m thinking must be a major wedgie or something.

And that’s when she shouts with utter glee, “I found it!” Her hands come out of her pants with her bracelet in tow.

“That’s great and unexpected!” I say, still a but bewildered.

Then I prepared the students for our speakers who were going to talk about safe touches…seemed a bit ironic.

By Kessick


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