Mornings have never been my thing

Day 21 of the March Slice of Life Challenge hosted by the Two Writing Teachers! #SOL23 Thanks for the inspiration DONTBOTHERORTIZME!

Mornings have never been my thing, especially as a teenager. Just ask my family. Yikes. My family learned to give me space in the mornings. My mom used to joke that “Break Stuff” …you know that horrible song that came out in 1999 was my theme song… only in the morning and only the edited version of course. What a terrible song. I must have been a real pain.

“It’s just one of those days
Where you don’t want to wake up
Everything is f*
Everybody sucks
You don’t really know why
But you want to justify
Rippin’ someone’s head off
No human contact
And if you interact
Your life is on contract
Your best bet is to stay away”

Mornings have never been my thing. In fact, mornings are still not my thing. No matter how prepared I think I am, mornings continue to be a whirlwind. It’s always a mad dash to the door. There never seems to be enough time to do all that needs to be accomplished. I wish I could go back to my teenage self and tell her; hey this is easy and Karma is real. Get your butt out of bed and maybe smile and maybe use words instead of grunting.

Mornings have never been my thing. In fact, mornings are still not my thing. I am proud to say, I’m down to two alarms and normally wake up to my first. I can’t seem to get rid of my “just in case I don’t wake up” alarm, though. I feel better knowing that I have that backup alarm. My husband on the other hand… I’m not sure how many alarms he sets each morning. They’re loud and he doesn’t always hear them, but I do and so do the dogs.

Mornings have never been my thing. In fact, mornings are still not my thing. I will say, my children changed mornings for me. I’m more of a morning person than I have ever been. In fact, roles have been reversed. I’m now the parent with the child who hates to get out of bed in the morning. Karma sent me a daughter with a similar displeasure for waking up to an alarm during the school week. Weekends are a different story.

Mornings have never been my thing. How about you?

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  1. Ha! You, Janette, and I must have ALL had one of those mornings today. I invite you to read my slice from today! Spoiler alert: Mornings have never been MY thing either (nor bedtimes as you will read). I love how all three of us approached a similar topic in a different way! As I said to Janette – we’re all more alike than we know we are. Thanks for this great slice!

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