I held a meeting today, but no one attended.

I sat there alone and pondered what I could do to get back attendance.

Scheduling conflicts were the biggest issue.

An IEP for two teachers, a sick day for another, one hosting a writers club, another coaching IM sports, one just too tired from the mixed up schedule we had and dealing with kids who could not handle the change in routine, and more.

All legitimate reasons. Common thread? We are all spread too thin. So thin we have to say no to things we care about, things that matter.

You want to know what happens when thin things are stretched thinner?

They break.

Or snap.

Or both.

By Kessick



  1. This makes me sad. You speak the truth..when are stretched too thin we can’t even focus on what matters to us and yes we become fragile and can break! Hope the next meeting is better attended! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I’m sorry that your meeting was a bust. As an instructional coach, I often run up against the crazy schedules and the lack of mental space, too. It’s frustrating. Trying to do your job while accommodating everyone else’s jobs/commitments is difficult. You’re right. We can all bend only so far. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


  3. This makes me sad but I TOTALLY understand that often, too often, teachers are too stressed to do ANYTHING outside of their obligations to students….we need to change this,,,


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