A piece of American Pie

I would like to preface this post with a notice that I’m a 90’s kid, so my early teenage years were during the release of American Pie.

Yes I’m referring to the movie that made every parent rethink sending their child to band camp.

Back in the 90’s and early 2000’s, our idea of fun was to hang out at other people’s houses. I was part of a rather innocent crowd, but we had a good time doing pretty much nothing as we chilled in each others basements. This is reminiscent of the movie Dazed and Confused where the characters pretty much do nothing but drive around back in the 70s.

Well we weren’t driving and we weren’t partaking in any illegal substance abuse, but we were doing pretty much nothing. Sometimes this meant we would watch a movie. If we were lucky enough, we would get an older sibling to go to Blockbuster and rent an R-rated movie.

Hence, the connection to American Pie. What better than a completely inappropriate movie to watch with you friends than the adventures of Jim, Stifler, and their friends?

I don’t know how my mom found out, but she was against me going to watch this movie.

My mom and the word “No” were like peas in a pod, so I had some negotiation tactics built up by this point because I was obviously the ONLY one not allowed to go or watch it.

Her compromise? Watch it with her so and then I could watch it with my friends.

Ugh. That is not a movie you watch with your mom. Not as a kid, or an adult, or ever!

But of course I watched it with her because I was a teenager trying to fit in with my friends.

Yeah, it was as awful as you think it was. She made me stop it and talk with her about things. I had to explain to her the innuendos and then listen through the lectures about loving myself too much to do any of this stuff.

It was awful, but I’m a tough cookie. I endured it and went on to watch the movie with my friends. All is well.

That is until I found out that my mom suggested that my grandma watch it because she might “think it’s funny”.

You want to know what’s worse than watching that movie with your mom?

Talking about it with your grandma…

By Kessick



  1. That comment about your mom recommending it to your grandma made me laugh out loud! That sounds like an excruciating activity as a teenager, but, reading this as an adult, I’m impressed with your mom’s parenting skills. Good for her!


  2. This was fabulous! I laughed out loud at the fantastic final line….and I remember many, many awkward conversations with my dad that I would just like to do-over! But, of course, I make my kid have the same conversations with me.


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