Ode to Our Kitchen Table

Day 13 of the March Slice of Life Challenge hosted by the Two Writing Teachers! #SOL23

Ode to our kitchen table
A place where our family gathers each night for dinner
A place where we share stories from our day
A place where we laugh until our bellies hurt
A place where we connect
A place where love is shared and felt
I hope when my children look back at their childhood,
They think about our kitchen table ❤

Today’s slice was inspired by “Kitchen Table.” A slice I wrote on April 20th, 2020 during lockdown. I stumbled upon it on my google.doc “blog.” I think it’s also important to share that our original kitchen table (shared in the slice below) has since retired to our basement as our official puzzle table in honor of my husband’s grandfather.

Here is the original slice:

Kitchen Table
This table is loved
And by loved, I mean well-worn
There are scratches, a few water marks, is that nail polish?
It definitely needs to be refinished

This table is loved
It’s over a hundred years old
Passed down through multiple generations
And when Mr. K’s grandfather died several years ago
It was the only thing Mr. K wanted

This table is loved
It is the keeper of memories
Sunday night dinners
Family game nights
Baking cookies
Playing playdough
A gathering place for all

This table is loved
A million and one (and counting) puzzles were put together here
Family and friends hunched over looking for the right piece

This table is loved
It brought families and friends together
Sometimes for a drink, sometimes for a treat
Sometimes for lunch, sometimes for dinner
Sometimes in celebration, sometimes in honor of
Sometimes for holidays and sometimes for stopping in to say hello

This table is loved

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By kristasjots

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  1. Tables are such powerful pieces of furniture. When I was growing up, we had a circular table with a copper inlay of women carrying items on their heads. We would lay paper down and rub a crayon on it and have a beautiful image. As an adult, my husband made us a table when we got engaged. We just got rid of that table two years ago. We ate at it for 27 years. We have a new table, and I hope we get to eat at it for 27 more.


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