Superhero or Villian?

I’m binge watching a show that I probably should have never started because I clearly don’t have the time (it’s on the list to finish before spring break- it won’t happen, but I’m certainly trying! It helps my procrastination). The latest episode has my mind reeling.

The doctors go out for a night of karaoke and get drugged by the bartender due to his frustration with the impact of Covid. He blamed the doctors for making it seem so bad when it was just a bad cold for him. However, he is now dealing with financial debt due to a lack of a job from the shut down.

Debt sucks and there are plenty of us who are struggling in a variety of ways due to the impact of Covid, but it doesn’t justify hurting anyone.

The one doctor shares her conflict and struggle with when things changed. When and how did health care professionals go from heroes to villains so quickly?

It made me think of teaching. Different profession, same regression.

Super hero to villain.

The climb was lightning fast, but the fall seemed faster and doesn’t feel like it’s over yet.

I remember one teacher commenting about this at the peak of stardom. (Forgive me, I forget who and I already spent more time than I care to admit on Facebook and blogs trying to figure it out). They said that teachers don’t want to be superheroes. We don’t want the label or the status. We just want to teach.

You’ve seen the movies- you know how it ends. Superhero goes from saving the day to being blamed for causing all of the destruction.

We aren’t saving the world. We are humans who want to teach. Sorry to burst your bubble, but we don’t have superpowers.

I used to be really proud to answer the question, “What do you do?” I could even handle the occasional joke about summer. But now I stay quiet and I try to avoid the question. I don’t feel like being interrogated or asked questions that I cannot answer. I don’t want to defend what I do or be blamed for something I don’t do.

I just want to teach.

Can we get back to that?

By Kessick


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