What does your tube of toothpaste look like?

Day 12 of the March Slice of Life Challenge hosted by the Two Writing Teachers! #SOL23

According to my husband, the way you squeeze your tube of toothpaste matters. We realized early on in our relationship that we were not meant to share toothpaste. He is a squeeze-the-tube-from-the-bottom-and-flatten-it-out kind of toothpaste consumer.  I am a grab-the-tube-and-just-squeeze kind of user. Who has time to flatten out your toothpaste anyways? I’m just lucky my teeth get brushed and sometimes flossed in the morning. 

When you open our shared medicine cabinet, it’s very clear whose toothpaste is whose. 

Tonight my husband was helping our youngest daughter finish up her nightly routines. He was standing in the bathroom with her when he noticed she is a squeeze-the-tube-from-the-bottom-and-flatten-it-out kind of user. “Hey nice job getting your toothpaste,” he said with pride. 

Our six year old responded, “I like to squeeze the bottom, so the next toothpaste can get in line.” 

When my husband shared this with me, I laughed and quickly went to their bathroom and opened up their medicine cabinet. Yep, it was very clear that our oldest daughter takes after me. 

I guess I never really paid attention to my children’s squeezing-the-toothpaste habits. I do notice when their tubes of toothpaste are almost empty; just not how they look when they’re almost empty. 

Curious about the psychology behind how you squeeze a toothpaste, I did a quick google search. Some of the articles made me laugh, others made me roll my eyes.  According to an India Times article, “If there is no specific place from where you take out the paste, you are a very artistic and creative person.” I’ll take it. 

The next time my husband shares his displeasure with my toothpaste squeeze, I’ll just remind him that it means I’m a creative and artistic person. 

Here is the article I referenced in my slice. 

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  1. This is something I’ve never thought about either!
    Already tucked in for the night, I’ll check it out in the morning and report back 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Krista. I’m definitely a squeeze from the bottom and flatten as you go person. My husband is a squish wherever it’s squishable. I like how your daughter says she squeezes from the bottom so the next toothpaste can get in line, too cute! Thanks for the tidbit of info. as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for stopping! It’s been fun to talk with people about their toothpaste squeezing habits! LOL! I had lots of great conversations at school today. It was fun to predict what kind of toothpaste squeezer they were before they shared. Thanks for sharing yours.


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