30 Seconds of Dinner

“Dinner” I call down to Big N. My hand rests on the doorframe as I wait patiently for the acknowledgement of my message.

“Okay,” Big N replies as she turns off the tv.

I walk towards the family room as I hear her feet pounding up the steps from the basement. She is a heavy walker and a hungry kid. Fingers crossed she will actually eat what I prepared. Why did I pick tonight to be the night I put my foot down and prepare a new, healthy meal, and no backups?! My stomach started to twist as I prepared for the tears and battles that I felt were headed my way.

I stopped by the couch to turn off the tv and announced to Little N that it was time for dinner. He hopped right off the couch and ran to the table.

“I beat you!” He said as he giggled and looked at me for a reaction.

I smiled back with a hint of surprise and exasperation, “You’re too fast for me!” How long will he get a kick out of being quick or being first? “Don’t grow up too fast,” I thought to myself.

Little N stepped on his stool while Big N slipped onto her chair. They both looked at the dinner table expectantly.

“Here we go,” I thought as I headed towards my seat.

By Kessick



  1. Yes and no. Less tears than expected, they tried everything, and they ate without complaining the one part of the meal I’ve served before that they “don’t love” but managed to enjoy more this time. I’m calling it a win!


  2. Love the cliffhanger! That living on the edge feeling definitely goes with kids and especially picky eaters, which is basically just all of the kids. You capture it well here – cool post!


  3. I can’t believe you ended there! You’ve passed on your feeling of uncertainty to us! What a great job you’ve done of drawing us in and making us care in this short snippet.


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