Do you ever hear interesting words and want to use them? Occasionally, I come across a book by a gifted writer whose words seem to float off the page and fly straight to my brain. Reading becomes effortless. It feels like a magical event! When finding an author who writes like that, I will read as many of their books as possible.

If I am lucky enough to hear a speaker proficiently using scholarly words, I am very moved by the experience. I always want to spend more time with that person! Call them “well- spoken”, “articulate”, “eloquent” or”fluent”, I am stricken with awe. It’s a talent that seems to be affiliated to my love of musical composing. Finding the exact words that describe what you want to say, is much like finding the combination of notes that create a perfect melody or harmony. It comes from an endless wellspring, and seemingly out of thin air.

Even an innocuous word like ‘whorl’ is exciting to me. It’s not used very much in my comings and goings, and I want to USE it! Why do I like words so well? I do not know. In fact, what makes one attracted to words? (I googled it)! I found out that I may be a sapiosexual. ANOTHER GREAT WORD!! (Merriam Webster just started using it in 2004).

I love how writing and composing satisfy and challenge me. It’s very important to have passions that you are drawn to, and ones that beckon to you.

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  1. I LOVED this post! When I pick up books filled with beautiful words and sentences I often write them down so I can share them with my students. My teacher brain instantly starts to make connections to things we have been trying/paying attention to in our own writing in class.


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