I love you so much, but I am leaving.

I gave you EVERYTHING I had.

I’m glad I did, because I got so much in return.

I found deep joy in the kids. There was so much love.

I know that this is the right decision, but it is very tough.

Still so much love.

I grew substantially with you. Sometimes, it was so painful.

I love you so much, but I am leaving.

I will retire this June.


  1. OMGoodness…You will join a huge group of us who have officially retired from teaching but we are still part of this writing group I for one found a whole new unexpected career working with teachers on the college level….but what ever you do….know that you have made a difference…of that I am sure!


  2. Congratulations on your retirement! I am sure it is bittersweet. That R-word has been finding its way into my thoughts lately. Hopefully, writing will keep you going!


  3. I love how you personify our beloved profession, part first love, part first heartbreak. This has the feel of an open letter and expresses your mixed emotions beautifully. Congratulations!


  4. What a huge announcement! Your love for students and teaching has been so clear throughout the month! Retiring before you feel completely ready feels like a good way to avoid burnout. I’ll bet there are lots of teachers continuing to teach who will continue learning from your wisdom!


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