Top Ten Favorite Books?

I’m not sure I can select ten favorite books… maybe ten favorite books of a specific time period of my life? I’m really struggling. I thought creating a top ten list would be easy–and yet, here I sit.

Come on. You can do it.
Just pick TEN.
And yet…
Type. Erase. Type. Erase. Type. Erase.

I love books. All kinds of books–picture books, chapter books, middle level books, young adult books, books for adults, and all the books that fit in-between.

I guess I’ll share my favorite books from the past couple of weeks. They’re in no particular order. I loved these beautiful stories–and I loved reading them with my students. The illustrations are amazing and the messages are powerful. Enjoy!

Images are from Amazon

I’m participating in the daily March Slice of Life Challenge #SOL22 by Two Writing Teachers! Today is day 15!

By kristasjots

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  1. YESSSSSSSSSS. Did someone challenge you to name your 10 *favorite* books? Because that’s just mean!!!! I appreciate your book selections and have read many of them (and added the rest to my TBR) but I think thinking of only ten would stress me all the way out.
    Kudos to you for even trying!!!


  2. Top Ten? What a great topic for a slice! And then we get to read each other’s choices for more great book ideas. Here are my first five – children’s books – 1). When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead, 2) Harriet the Spy by Louis Fitzhugh 3) The Hello-Good-bye Window by Norton Juster, 4). Owl Moon by Jane Yolen, and 5). Babushka’s Doll by Patricia Polacco. So many more…. Thank you for this opportunity – read on!


  3. Quality reading, Krista! From you, I expect nothing less! Your passion for reading comes through you every day!!
    (I copied your list)


  4. Ooh–you have some books that I don’t know yet. I’ll look forward to reading them! I love the idea of top 10 lists for different time periods in our life. Though that might still be hard for me. 🙂


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