Remember when…

Remember when we used to visit each year?

We would fly down and you would be there to pick us up to take you to your place. It’s been awhile since you were able to pick us up.

Remember when we searched for dolphins or manatees?

We would race to the balcony to see if there were any dolphins swimming. You would even get grandpa’s binoculars out for us to use sometimes. Now it’s my kids who race to the balcony the moment we open the door and it’s my mom and dad who are helping them search. I wonder where those binoculars are.

Remember when we went to the pool every day?

You would teach your swim class and we would participate. Then we would spend practically the whole day at the pool. You always knew everyone who came. Now we take the kids to the pool and they love it just as we did, but we don’t know anyone anymore.

Remember when we would go for walks every night?

We would search all of the pools of water for turtles and gators. They never disappointed- always there. Now the kids walk around in their Jammie’s and they still see the turtles and the gators. Maybe they are the same ones?

Remember when we broke the dock?

The whole family got together for your birthday and we piled on the dock for a family picture. We took an unexpected swim that day and we gave the residents quite a show. The dock has been repaired since, but I still walk slow around that bend. I haven’t told the kids that story just yet- they are still hesitant to get on in the first place. Maybe when they are older. It’s been awhile since we have been together for your birthday.

Remember that white recliner you always sat in?

You used to sit there with your feet up and a bowl of ice cream while you did the crossword or watched jeopardy and wheel of fortune. Now big N likes that chair and we still watched wheel of fortune and jeopardy. Dad even made sure to get some ice cream. I’ve never seen that freezer with only one tub in it.

Remember when I saw you the last time?

We joked about how I had a little girl- so many girls and you had only boys! We celebrated your birthday. Now I have a little boy- I knew that would make you smile. He calls you “Nana Mina” even though he didn’t get to meet you. He knows it was your condo even though you haven’t been there for years.

Making new memories while remembering the old ones.

By Kessick



  1. I love this! It’s so hard sometimes, when what we remember isn’t what is, right now. I was just feeling this earlier today, remembering some of the times I had with my parents, and how much they would have enjoyed what we are doing right now. Thanks for putting it into words today.


  2. “Making new memories while remembering the old ones.” I think it’s spring. We’re all ready to go DO something like we used to so easily and we can’t anymore. It’s this sense of fernweh for one’s own memories..


  3. This brought tears to my eyes–I wasn’t quite expected the ending. The combination of your memories with how you’re continuing the traditions in your own way was beautiful.


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